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24th November 2017 – Release of Anno Domini 2018, v1.05 Build 1124

Support has been added to take into account when Morocco observes Ramadan wherby DST is often suspended when Ramadan occurs during the Summer months. The dates of Ramadan are automatically downloaded at the time to ensure DST is enabled or disabled at the exact time. This feature can be turned on or off via the Options tab.

Anno Domini now supports printing on A3 paper across the majority of reports. A new Percentage Change function has been added to the Converter tab. The colour of the Sundial can now be changed from a simple menu along with the ability to turn the graticule on or off.

A new COUNTRIES-ALL database of locations has been added which now sorts locations via their country to make finding a given location easier. The events of the On This Day database have been updated to include events for years 2010-2017. New locations have been aded to the database along with numerous Dayight Saving Time rule changes.

Professional users now benefit from the Julian Calendar tab which has been completely revised. Changes have been made to the Curency Converter to support more currencies and to remove those currencies which are no longer in circulation. Four new reports have been added relating to Solar and Lunar Eclipse times. The Desktop Weather Launcher has been enhanced to include the current view of the Moon along with the current weather conditions for your home location.

Plus! and Professional users now benefit from the Anno Domini Sundial screensaver. Eight areas of the Earth are displayed in rotation at set intervals displaying what areas of the Earth are in sunlight or darkness. A control panel allows users to change all aspects of the display including switching between 2D and 3D projections of the Earth along with the option to display the current date, time and currentt time zone and DST rule.

Finally there have been numerous bug fixes and user interface improvements and the Contacts tab function has now been disabled as the feature has been discontinued.

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Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2017