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5th March 2022 – Release of Anno Domini 2022, v1.07 Build 2203

Fixed major crash issue where division zero would occur when the latest currency conversions are downloaded from the European Central Bank. The Russian Ruble had been removed causing the error. The Russian Ruble has since been removed from the list of converted currencies. Ten other currencies which were dormant in AD and did not have live exchange rates have now been activated in the Currency Converter. These currencies are Brazilian Real, Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupee, Israeli Shekel, Philippine Peso, Mexican Peso, Turkish Lira, Romanian Leu and South Korean Won.

23rd January 2022 – Release of Anno Domini 2022, v1.07 Build 2201

Fixed major crash issue on startup where AD would report an invalid date and shut down. This was caused by a corrupted file downloaded from the AD host website. AD now checks the integritry of this file before proceeding. Added purple coloured highlight to the currently selected tab window displayed by AD. AD has been optimised to work with Windows 11. Fixed issue with AD screensaver which had been defaulting to deactivated status since the introduction of Windows 10 Build 1809. Reduced the footprint of the Desktop Weather Launcher hiding the position of the Sun and the Moon. Weather downloads for all 8 chosen locations restricted to three times a day and a total maximum of 40 downloads in a calendar day. The counter resets at midnight each day.Various dead Internet links have been updated on the Conversion tab, On This Day tab and Weather tab. Full details can be found on the Revisions section of the Anno Domini website.

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Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2022