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Anno Domini 2018 Professional

Anno Domini Professional is the ultimate version of Anno Domini containing all the features found in the Standard and Plus! Editions plus a host of exclusive unique features. Anno Domini Professional can be purchased for the price of £22.99 GBP / $29.99 USD / 24.99 EUR. All registered users of Anno Domini Professional receive free lifetime updates to all online versions of Anno Domini Professional. Please view the unique features to Anno Domini Professional below. Please also note that there are no upgrade options available from other versions of Anno Domini to the Professional Edition. Click here to purchase your copy of Anno Domini Professional now.

Weather Forecasts


Anno Domini Professional introduces live weather forecasting. Every twenty minutes weather forecasts for your 8 chosen locations can be downloaded automatically from the Internet and viewed. Clicking on any of your 8 chosen locations produces a five-day long-range weather forecast for that location.

Planetary Positions

The Planets tab shows astronomical information for all 7 major Planets in the solar system. The information displayed for each planet consists of: a) Rise and set times, b) Position at rise and position at set, c) Time of transit and at what altitude, d) Current azimuth, compass position and altitude. All the information is automatically updated every minute of the day for your chosen home location. Clicking on any of the Planets gives access to Wikipedia entries for that planet on the Internet.

 Sun/Moon/Planet Altitude Comparison

The Sun tab gives a daily comparison of the visibility of the Sun, Moon and chosen Planet above the horizon for any chosen day of the year. The date of the display can be changed to any given calendar date and by hovering the mouse over the position of the two graphs you can view the altitud eof the Sun and the Moon at your given instant in time..

 Moon View

The Moon tab shows an enlarged image of the current view of the Moon reflecting current visible portion of the Moon along with the exact tilt of the Moon. Users can also set a specific date and time or use the scroll bars to see the change in tilt and visible portion of the Moon for a given date and time.

RSS News Reader

The RSS News Reader will automatically connect to the Internet and download up to 30 separate news feeds displaying the headlines from each site provider. At any time you can click on the Download RSS Feeds to update all the RSS feeds available. Clicking on the Refresh RSS Feeds will update the currently selected feed with the latest headlines. To view any particular article, simply left-click the mouse once on the headline and the default Internet Browser will display that article. To select a different RSS Feed, click the green drop-down listbox and select one from the 30 or so feeds that are available.  At the foot of the RSS tab you will see the current exchange rates between Sterling, US dollars and Japanese Yen and the Euro. You can select the base currency from the menu at the right-hand side (click the left mouse button on the two upside down chevrons).

Sundial Screensaver

The Sundial screensaver will show 8 different zoomed locations of the World highlighting which areas of the world are currently experiencing daylight, daw, dusk or night time and cycle between them between a selected time. A control panel allows full configuration of the screensaver including choosing between a 2D and 3D view of the world and which colour scheme to use. The control panel options are shown below.


Atomic Clock Synchronization Control Panel

Anno Domini automatically synchronizes the PC clock at three separate time intervals during the day (10:00am, 3:00pm and 8:00pm) via an Internet Time Server to ensure your PC's clock is adjusted to match the exact atomic time accurate to thousands of a second. Professional users now have the extra benefit of access to a control panel allowing the PC clock to be adjusted at any time. Other benefits include being able to interrogate the Atomic Clock Server to see the difference between the PC clock and Atomic Clock and being able to change the default server from one on ten servers provided. The server list is also dynamically updated via the Anno Domini web-site.

Real-Time Foreign Exchange Conversions 

The Conversion Calculator has been revised to include real-time daily updates of up to 31 different foreign currencies with four digits of precision. All data is downloaded daily and automatically from the European Central Bank.

Desktop Clocks

The Desktop Clocks provides a handy reminder of the current time on your Windows desktop even when the main Anno Domini window is not visible. There is a choice of four different clock views depending on the size chosen and all clock views show the day of week, date and time. Examples of each are shown below:



The style and position of the clock can be chosen from the main clock control panel which allows you change the font used and it's size and also set the foreground and background colour of the clock. You can also position the clock on your Windows desktop in one of 6 pre-defined positions or alternatively, choose your own specific location on the desktop.

By selecting either the 2 Clocks or 8 Clocks option, you can view the current times of either 2 or 8 chosen locations from anywhere in the world in real-time on your desktop. The clock control panel allows you to select one location as your holiday location for comparison. Below shows and example of Los Angeles as your home location and Moscow as your holiday location.

With the 8 Clocks option you can view the current time for your chosen home location and the remaining 7 locations which you have chosen from the Location tab. Your home location is shown in grey and each clock also shows the current twilight status, i.e. if the box is white it is daytime at that location, if it is navy it is morning twilight, red for evening twilight and black for night time.

Options in the control panel allow you to automatically open the desktop clocks each time Anno Domini is run and also ensure they always appear above any other open desktop window.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the control panel you will see the current position on the clock on the windows desktop in pixels for the x and y direction. This helps in positioning the clocks when you choose to fix the clocks with your own specific location rather than one of the 6 preset positions.

Desktop Weather App Launcher

The Desktop Weather Launcher allows each of your 8 chosen locations to be displayed along with the position,altitude, rise and set time of the Sun on your Windows desktop. Also displayed is the position and altitude of the Moon along with the illuminated fraction. Clicking on any of the eight locations will display a 5-day weather forecast for your chosen location. The weather conditions for your home location are also displayed. The position of the app on the desktop can be altered by left clicking the mouse on the panel  and dragging the app to the selected position on your desktop. Also displayed is the current visible phase of the Moon showing it's tilt for your home location along with the current weather conditions. The current time in hours, minutes and seconds is displayed against your home location.

Julian Calendar

View calendars prior to the Gregorian Calendar change. The USA and United Kingdom changed to the Gregorian Calendar system on the 14th September 1752 whereas Europe changed to the Gregorian Calendar system on the 15th October 1582. You can switch between the two calendar systems and view any calendar from 1 AD to 1752 AD. Examples of the changeover for the US and Europe are shown below:

The Julian Calendar can be accessed from the main Calendar window or the Mini-View via the button showing the Roman numeral. The button acts as a toggle - when depressed the Julian Calendar is shown, when not depressed, the Gregorian calendar is shown. The month and year of the calendar can be altered by pressing the arrow buttons. You can also select any given year by left-clicking the mouse on the year and entering the year directly. The month can be selected by left-clicking the mouse on the month which will show a drop-down menu. You can select any of the dates in the calendar to view the times of sunrise/transit/sunset and moonrise/transit/moonset for that given date at your chosen location on Earth with a left mouse click. Clicking on the printer icon allows you to print a 12 month calendar report displaying the Julian Calendar for any year from 1 AD to 1752 AD.


13 Extra Calendar Reports

Anno Domini Professional contains an extra thirteen (13) exclusive Calendar Reports (highlighted in yellow box below) accessible from the Reports tab to enhance the program as detailed below:


Monthly Gazette

The Monthly Gazette displays the current calendar month in two vertical columns which also displays any event which occurs in that month and it also display when the phases of the Moon occur. Two smaller vertical calendars for the previous and subsequent months are also displayed with the weekends highlighted in red and grey.


  One Year Events & Phases

One Year Events & Phases displays a full calendar for the selected year along with a full set of events for the chosen events scheme and also the dates and time of the major phases of the Moon for your home location.


1 Month Landscape

The currently selected month and year is displayed in large lettering in landscape mode. Also, the times of the Moon phases are shown.



1 Month Events View

The 1 Month Events View Calendar Report displays the current calendar month displayed on the current Nature Pack image along with a list of the Calendar Events for your chosen Events Scheme.



3 Month With View

The 3 Month With View Calendar Report displays a full calendar for the currently selected month superimposed on the current Nature Pack Image. Two smaller calendars are displayed below the nature image which can be either the subsequent two calendar months or the preceding and latter calendar month.


1 Year Rise/Set

Four different reports allow you to view for your selected position on earth, the times of sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset for any year between 1752AD and 2150AD. You can also view the times of twilight (civil/nautical/astronomical) and the times of rise and set of the major planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune for your home location.


200 Year Calendar

From a single report you can view the monthly calendar for any date from 1889 to 2102. Simply select the year and month and from the table the letter where the two meet determines which one of 8 calendars labelled A to G is the one to pick and view.


1 Year Sun & Moon Phenomena

From a single report you can view for your selected position on earth, the dates and times of various phenomena such as conjunctions, perigees/apogees that occur for the Sun and the Moon for any year between 1753AD and 2150AD. There are seven other reports which can be selected from this function namely Moon Only, Sun Only, Perigee, Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, Solar Total and Lunar Total. An example of eclipse report is shown below:



2 Year Horizontal


The 2 Year Horizontal Calendar displays a full calendar for current year and the following year split horizontally.


3 Year Horizontal

The 3 Year Horizontal calendar displays full calendars for any three consecutive years. The starting year is determined by the currently selected year in the Calendar tab or by manually overriding the date in the Reports tab.


3 Year Vertical


The 3 Year Vertical calendar displays full calendars for any three consecutive years. The starting year is determined by the currently selected year in the Calendar tab or by manually overriding the date in the Reports tab.  


Portrait Planner

Portrait Yearly Planner displays a planner for the selected year in portrait orientation. The planner can start from any selected month and year with weekends shaded in grey.


Landscape Planner

Landscape Planner displays a planner for the selected year in landscape orientation. The planner can start from any selected month and year with weekends shaded in grey.