Anno Domini 2004

Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2004
Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE, 98 or 95

Anno Domini 2004 New Features Overview

Anno Domini 2004 contains over fifteen new modifications from the last release of Anno Domini 2003 at the beginning of December 2003. A summary of the new features with example screen shots is shown below. Click here to download this page in PDF format.

24 Month Calendar Report

All new Calendar Report which allows you to view and print yearly calendars for any two consecutive years (available to Standard users only). An example is shown below for the years 2003 and 2004.


 World Location Position

A globe icon has been added to the Location tab which allows you to toggle between viewing the existing map of world time zones or the position of the currently chosen home location on the world map with the current sundial view. When any location from the Anno Domini database is chosen, you will see that location highlighted on the map as below for London, United Kingdom.


 Compass position

A new compass button has been added which will show in real-time the exact latitude and longitude of the mouse pointer on the world map.

The button acts as a toggle. When depressed, the mouse position is automatically updated in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. When the button is up, the current position is not shown. 

You can store whether the program defaults to showing the compass position or not by clicking on the "Save Settings" button from the Preference tab when you have first chosen your preferred setting.


          Sundial City Labels

You can now pinpoint each of your 8 chosen locations on top of the sundial view as per the example below.

 Sundial Brightness

The brightness of the Sundial can be altered by the prism button which depressed shows the slider control.

Menu Icons in XP/2000

XP and 2000 users now see miniature icons for common Windows applications and desktop utilities which are run from the Anno Domini menu.

4 Concurrent Alarms

The number of active alarms you can set from within Anno Domini has now increased from one to four. Each alarm can have it's own unique sound and alarm message.

Help From Any Tab

Detailed help can be accessed from any tab via the question mark button the top right hand corner of your window as show below next to the close button:

New Font Pickers With Preview

When selecting fonts for either the main calendar view or for reports, you can now view a preview of all of the installed fonts so that it is now easier to choose the font you wish to use as shown below:

  Weather Forecasts

A new "Weather" button has been added to the On This Day tab giving you access to weather forecasts from the Interent for all major locations around the world.

Full AD 2004 Change Summary

(1) 24 Month Calendar Report added to the Reports tab for registered users;
(2) Toggle between the time zones view or your chosen location on a world map in the Location tab;
(3) The position of each one of your eight chosen locations is now shown on the Sundial view;
(4) Find the exact latitude/longitude of any position on the Sundial view via the Compass button;
(5) You can alter the brightness of the darkened area of the Sundial via the new Prism button;
(6) Icons are now shown in the Anno Domini desktop menu for XP and 2000 users;
(7) You can now set 4 concurrent individual alarms each with their own unique sound;
(8) Help now available for any tab via the Question Mark in the title bar.
(9) New Font pickers allow you to preview the installed True-Type fonts whilst you select them;
(10) New Weather button in the On This Day tab giving you access via the Internet to weather forecasts;
(11) 50 Extra locations from around the world have been added to the location database;
(12) New shadowed text font for the Moon Phases and Astronomy tabs to aid text visibility;
(13) Layout of the On This Day buttons changed to make selection easier;
(14) New cloud image background to the Help tab;
(15) New standard Cuckoo hourly chime sound;

Registered users can download the free Anno Domini 2004 Update at