Anno Domini 2006

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Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows x64, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98SE or 98
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Anno Domini 2006 New Features Overview

Anno Domini 2006 contains 10 major new features from the last release of Anno Domini 2005. A summary of the new features with example screen shots is shown below.

New On This Day

The On This Day tab has been completely re-designed in terms of look and feel with a larger content area. Each of the Internet links has been revised to access News/Weather/Sport services from the Internet which are automatically updated from the Anno Domini web-site. The Chronicle button now accesses the BBC based On This Day library and the Birthdays button now displays birthdays of famous people from the Biography channel.

Atomic Clock Synchronization

New to Anno Domini 2006 is automatic synchronization of the PC clock. At three separate time intervals during the day (10:00am, 3:00pm and 8:00pm), Anno Domini will automatically connect to an Internet Time Server and ensure your clock is adjusted to match the exact atomic time accurate to thousands of a second. Plus! Pack users have the extra benefit of access to a control panel allowing the PC clock to be adjusted at any time. Other benefits include being able to interrogate the Atomic Clock Server to see the difference between the PC clock and Atomic Clock and being able to change the default server from one on ten servers provided. The server list is also dynamically updated via the Anno Domini web-site.

Christian To Jewish Date Conversion 

From the main Calendar date, double clicking the mouse on any calendar date will display a new dialog showing the Jewish date equivalent, the Roman year displayed in Roman Numerals and other statistics such as Days Gone, Days Left and the Astrological Star Sign for the chosen date.

Moon Phases Month Selector

In the Moon Phases tab, the top right-hand corner now displays two arrows on a white background which when clicked on with the mouse displays a drop-down menu of all the calendar months which allows users to select the starting month of the Moon Phases which are displayed in the tab.

Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun/Moon

In the Astronomy tab, double-clicking the mouse on the Sun's Azimuth/Sun's Altitude or Moon's Azimuth/Moon's Altitude entries displays a new dialog showing the current Right Ascension in hours and minutes and the Declination in degrees, minutes and seconds of the Sun and the Moon.

Italic Fonts and Centre Headers in Calendar Reports

Two new buttons have been added to the Font Settings section of the Reports tab. The Italic button will display the report with an Italic typeface which can be turned on or off for each individual report and memorized. The Centre button controls whether the header of each Calendar report is either Left-justified or centred and again can be turned on or off for each individual report and memorized.

Conversion Calculator

The Conversions tab has a new button which launches the Conversion Calculator. Exclusive to Plus! Pack users, 168 new conversion calculations become available split into seven topics - Area, Distance, Euro, Mass, Temperature, Time and Volume. Results can be manipulated using a drop-down calculator function. A unique feature to the Euro tab is that the latest currency rates for Eurso, US Dollars, GB Sterling and Japanese Yen are automatically updated via the Anno Domini web-site from the European Central Bank.

Revised Nature Packs

All three Nature Packs have been completely revised in content and each Nature Pack is now much smaller in file size to speed up their download from the web-site.


Automatic Opening of Anno Domini During Multiple Execution

Anno Domini 2006 now automatically detects if an attempt is made to run more than one copy of the program at a time and, in such instances, rather than display a warning message, the already running copy of Anno Domini is now opened on the desktop from the TaskBar.

Use of WinRAR Compression Libraries

WinRAR compression software is now used to deploy the Anno Domini updates and the Plus! Pack upgrades enabling smaller downloads from the Anno Domini web-site and results in quicker installation.

Anno Domini 2006 New Features

(1) New On This Day;
(2) Atomic Clock Synchronization;
(3) Christian To Jewish Date Conversion;
(4) Moon Phases Month Selector;
(5) Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun/Moon;
(6) Italic Fonts and Centre Headers in Calendar Reports;
(7) Conversion Calculator;
(8) Revised Nature Packs;
(9) Automatic Opening of Anno Domini During Multiple Execution;
(10) Use of WinRAR Compression Libraries;
Anno Domini 2006 will be released on Monday, 5th September 2005
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