Anno Domini 2007

Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2007
Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows Vista, x64, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98SE
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Anno Domini 2007 Revision History

v1.02 - Build 1, 20th February 2007
(1) Holding down the CONTROL key whilst accessing any Internet enabled button bypasses the default Internet browser and will instead use Internet Explorer.
(2) Mozilla Firefox is now fully supported by Anno Domini if it is the default Internet browser.
(3) New rules for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the USA and Canada from 2007 onwards are now supported both in the Event Editor and the location database of North American locations;
(4) New locations added for Athens-Greece, Baja California-Mexico, Chihuahua-Mexico and Mazatlan-Mexico;
(5) The in-built help is now accessible in Windows Vista;
(6) The Sundial is now correctly displayed on widescreen (1440 x 900) displays when the full-screen option is used;
(7) Clock Comparisons are now correctly displayed on widescreen (1440 x 900) displays;
(8) Corrections made to the following locations: Athens, Thessalonika, Tblisi and Amman;
(9) Corrections made to Daylight Saving Time for locations in Brazil, Iceland, Egypt, Iran, New Zealand, Israel, Mexico and Uruguay;
(10) Correction made to spelling of Newfoundland Time in time zone list.
v1.01 - Build 1, 30th January 2007
(1) Anno Domini is now fully compatible with Windows Vista;
(2) Support added for 1440x900 screen resolution for saving icon positions.
(3) Bug removed preventing installation of Anno Domini with Windows Vista;
(4) During removal of Anno Domini, users now have choice to remove the program immediately via a reboot or to remove Anno Domini when the PC is next rebooted;
(5) Bug removed during installation which previously could cause installation to continue before the necessary program fonts have been installed;
(6) README.DOC file replaced with README.RTF for better compatibility;
(7) Changes made to allow access to Solitaire, FreeCell, Backup, Restore and Sound Volume in Windows Vista.
v1.00 - Build 1, 24th September 2006
(1) Full local language support allowing calendars to be viewed and printed in the currently selected Windows language setting;
(2) List of international telephone dialling codes now available in the Contacts tab;
(3) 19 extra new currencies are now available in the Euro tab of the Conversion Calculator;
(4) Wikipedia biographies are now available via the Internet when clicking on any of the images of famous people in the On This Day dialog;
(5) Revised events database now includes calculations for Chinese New Year and Passover dates;
(6) Revised location database with option of view locations in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format;
(7) Diary entries now available for the year 2010;
(8) Option now available to automatically backup Anno Domini data without prompt;
(9) Famous quotations increased to 700 for Plus! Pack users.
(10) Weekly Diary View now available to Lite users;
(11) Lunar and Solar Eclipse predictions now available to Standard users in the Astronomy tab;
(12) Automatic Atomic Clock synchronization of the PC clock now available to Standard users;
(13) Real-Time Astronomy function now available to Standard users;
(14) Conversion Calculator dialog now available to Standard users;
(15) 1 Year + Events and 1 Year + View reports now available to Standard users replacing the 3 Month With View and 3 Year Vertical reports;