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Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE or 98
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Anno Domini celebrates it's 10th anniversary in 2005! Click here for a look back at it's history.

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5th September 2005 - Official Release of Anno Domini 2006

The next generation of Anno Domini, namely Anno Domini 2006 is now available to all to download and evaluate. 10 major new features have been added over the 2005 version including important new features such as automatic Atomic Clock synchronization of the clock on your PC and real-time currency conversions using data downloaded from the European Central Bank. Christian to Jewish date conversions and improvements to the user interface have also been made with revised On This Day and new images added to the Nature Packs. An overview of the new features added can be found by clicking here. Plus! Pack users can now also update to version 1.01 via the Updates page.








 Click here to download the Anno Domini 2006 Brochure in PDF format


Anno Domini 2006 Feature List




Perpetual calendar for any month

Perpetual calendar for any month and year between

between 2002 to the current date.

1752 AD and 2150 AD.

12 Images from Nature via the Nature 1 Image Pack

Current Day of Week, Date, Time, Working Week, Days Gone, Days Left, Starsign

Sunrise/Transit/Sunset, Moonrise/Transit/Moonset times, Daylight Hours

4 Concurrent Alarm Clocks Each With Distinctive Alarm Sound and Message Reminder.

Database of 600 locations around the world from which to choose your home and holiday locations.

View your chosen location on a 2D map or via the 3D globe representation.

View a random quotation each day from a 400 quote database.

Online access to News/Sports/horoscopes.

4 Hourly Chimes to Choose From

Prevent Screen Saver, Hide Desktop Icons, Launch Windows Accessories etc.

Daily Diary Entries

Weekly Diary View

Calendar Statistics Calculated from the Current date.

Statistics from any start date.

1 Calendar Report

4 Calendar Reports

11 Calendar Reports




3D Moon Phase Viewer with Angle of Tilt




Mini Calendar Views (Prior/Post)




View the Azimuth/Altitude of the Sun and the Moon in Real-Time




View the Local Time in any 8 chosen locations.




View Moon Phases dates/times for the selected month and year.




View dates and times of Moon Phases for a 3 Month period.




Database of Holidays for UK/US/Canada/Europe/Australasia.




Event Editor to create your own recurring Anniversaries.




Easter Sunday calculated for any year 1753 AD to 2150 AD.




Visualise Dawn and Dusk in the Location and Sundial tabs.




View 50 selected events in the Events Tab







View Full Moons for the Year







Quotation Editor







Night/Day Taskbar Icon







Analogue Clocks







Astronomy Tab







Contacts Tab







2D & 3D Sundial







Conversions Tab


Anno Domini Plus! contains all Anno Domini Standard Features + 14 Extra Features Listed Below

Julian Calendar for any month between 1 AD and 1752 AD

Lunar and Solar Eclipse Predictor

Digital Desktop Clocks & Atomic Clock Synchronization

16 Calendar Reports

Two Extra Image Packs - Nature 2 & Nature 3

AutoRun Editor

Large-Scale Time Zone/World Map

Save/Restore Desktop Icon Positions

Two Extra Moon Phase Background Images

Two Extra Events Background Images

Two Extra Astronomy Background Images

3 Extra Hourly Sounds - Grandfather/Big Ben/Chime No 2

4 Extra Alarm Sounds - Alarm/Laser/Honk/Rooster

100 Extra Quotations

* Purchase of Anno Domini Standard entitles you to one free upgrade on next major release.

** Purchase of the Plus! Pack entitles you to free lifetime updates and upgrades to Anno Domini!


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