Anno Domini 2022

Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2022
Free and Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, x64, XP
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Anno Domini is a Shareware program. This means that you can use the program for a period of 21 days to evaluate it's suitability before making a payment. After that period of time has elapsed, if you wish to continue using all of the program features you must register your copy of Anno Domini. Click on the appropriate VISA/MasterCard logo to buy Anno Domini now!

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Registered users receive a personalized registration number within 24 hours of online registration by e-mail which can be used to disable the reminder dialog which appears each time you quit the program and gives access to all the features of Anno Domini dependent on the registration option chosen. Also registered users can legally use the Anno Domini program on a single computer for an indefinite period of time.



 * Purchasing Anno Domini Standard entitles you to 1 upgrade on next major release.

** Purchasing the Plus! Pack entitles you to free updates to Anno Domini Standard/Plus!

What are the differences between AD Lite and AD Standard?

During the first 21 days of your evaluation of Anno Domini, the program is fully functional and operates in Standard mode. On the 22nd day of the evaluation period, the program reverts to Anno Domini Lite which has a reduced function set. The Lite mode lasts for a period of 7 days when the program finally reverts to the Free mode which has a very limited feature set but is free from all nag screens and may be used indefinitely without registration. The differences between the Lite and Standard versions are listed below:

AD Lite and AD Standard

On This Day, Online Horoscopes and access to further news and events websites
Event Viewer and Event Editor for creating your own events, birthdays and anniversaries
Worldwide Times and Analogue Clocks which are updated in real-time
Diary, Visible Moon and Monthly Moon Phases
4 Calendar Reports (12 month calendar, Moon phases, 1 month with astronomy or events)

AD Standard Only

12 Calendar Reports (as above plus monthly diary, yearly planner and 3 month calendars)
Quotation Editor to add and edit your own quotations
Detailed Astronomy for the Sun and the Moon which can be viewed in real-time
Weekly Diary View
Contacts and Address Book
Sundial (Normal and Enlarged View) which is updated in real-time
Conversions and Online Currency Converter

All Registered users benefit from ...

View Calendars from 1753 to 2150 AD
Access the Date/Time Picker for selecting dates
Print calendar reports for any calendar year from 1753 to 2150 AD, not just 2015-2016 AD
View calendar statistics between any two dates
Access the Anno Domini News web-server for up to the minute news.
Select any tab as the default view on startup

Why Should You Register?

Free lifetime e-mail support
Gain access to free software updates to Anno Domini
Be eligible for price reductions for future versions of Anno Domini
Receive advance notification of updates and new releases
No nag screens or reminders while using Anno Domini
You will make the author of Anno Domini very happy!

Please note that when the program reverts to Anno Domini Free none of the above listed AD Standard features are available until registration.

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions for improving the Anno Domini program and I can be contacted by Internet e-mail at the following address:

Remember that your registration of the product will encourage me to further enhance the program. Enjoy!