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Anno Domini 2022 Bug Fixes

v1.07- Build 2203, 5th March 2022
(1) Fixed major crash issue where division zero would occur when the latest currency conversions are downloaded from the European Central Bank. The Russian Ruble had been removed causing the error. The Russian Ruble has since been removed from the list of converted currencies.
(2) Ten other currencies which were dormant in AD and did not have live exchange rates have now been activated in the Currency Converter. These currencies are Brazilian Real, Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupee, Israeli Shekel, Philippine Peso, Mexican Peso, Turkish Lira, Romanian Leu and South Korean Won.

v1.07 - Build 2201, 23rd January 2022
(1) Fixed major crash issue on startup where AD would report an invalid date and shut down. This was caused by a corrupted file downloaded from the AD host website. AD now checks the integritry of this file before proceeding.
(2) Fixed issue with AD screensaver which had been defaulting to deactivated status since the introduction of Windows 10 Build 1809.
(3) Event Editor bug fixed which stopped the Events list in the Events tab from updating to reflect the change made.
(4) Fixed bug in Alarms function which prevented them from being activated.
(5) Dead RSS news feeds removed and replaced with new active ones.
(6) Various dead Internet links have been updated on the Conversion tab and others including Microsoft DST News.
(7) Fixed bug preventing AD opening the Reports tab on startup.
(8) Fixed dead internet links to the comic websites, Birthdays and Chronicle for the On This Day tab.
(9) Fixed dead weather internet links to the North America Rain Radar and North America Temperature links.
(10) Ensured Windows version detected and displayed in the About screen is correctly reflected for Windows 11 users.


Anno Domini 2019 Bug Fixes

v1.06 - Build 1126, 26th November 2018
(1) Fixed form position of Desktop Clocks, New City and Conversion Calculator so appears in middle of first screen on multi monitor setups.
(2) Fixed crash bug caused by file KEYS.INI filling up all available disc space when Internet not available.
(3) Ensured Benchmark dialog appears topmost.
(4) Ensured home location confirmation dialog appears topmost.
(5) Ensured Latitude/Longitude dialog box in Location tab appears topmost.
(6) Changed wording of version number and date of location files information dialog in About tab.
(7) RSS news reader now traps for exception errors and prevents Anno Domini from shutting down.
(8) Amended various RSS news feeds which were no longer in operation.
(9) Amended various URLs which were no longer working.
(10) Fixed bug to ensure that the Anno Domini screen saver is the default screen saver in Windows when the Plus! Pack is installed.

Anno Domini 2018 Bug Fixes

v1.05 - Build 1124, 24th November 2017
(1) Fixed bug in BMP/JPG screenshot to reduce width/height by 2 pixels for Win 10.
(2) Fixed bug in display of preview clocks in Control Panel for Desktop Weather Launcher.
(3) Fixed bug which prevents globe metadata files being created and stored on users hard drive.
(4) Fixed DST bug in the Sun tab when the twilight graph is displayed.
(5) Fixed DST bug in altitudes of the Sun and the Moon for Solar Eclipse times.
(6) Fixed bug in RSS Reader if an exception error occurs.
(7) Fixed Internet links in the Convert tab.
(8) Fixed crash bug in time picker in Options tab to select alarm time.
(9) Fixed Yahoo Horoscopes internet link.
(10) Fixed desktop clock sizes on desktop and preview views.
(11) Fixed position of desktop clocks when the screen resolution changes.
(12) Fixed bug to ensure the Moon displayed in Weather Launcher updates when the date changes.
(13) Fixed dead Internet links for UK Visible and Australia Rain Radar Weather options.
(14) Fixed Print Form/Register Anno Domini entry in Taskbar menu when switching between Free/Standard/Pro.
(15) Fixed downloading latest file from AD server cache bug - now loads direct from server not the cache.
(16) Fixed height of enlarged Sundial.
(17) Fixed formatting of Hunters and Harvest Moon display.
(18) Fixed error in display of local time shown in Location tab when location changed and current time is between 11:00pm and midnight.
(19) Fixed error in displayed distances between holiday and home location in Location tab when DMS selected.
(20) Fixed error in Sundial tab - sunrise/sunset/twilight times now correctly reflect the local date and time.
(21) Fixed bug in calculation of next Friday 13th which previously did not check if it had already passed in the current month and year.
(22) Fixed border around globe panel on Location tab.
(23) Fixed layout of Desktop Clock Control Panel and ensured font controls disabled where applicable.
(24) Fixed exit procedure of Anno Domini to ensure Taskbar icon disappears when program is terminated during an update.

Anno Domini 2017 Bug Fixes

v1.04 - Build 1, 28th January 2017
(1) Times for perigee, apogee, perihelion and aphelion now correctly adjust for time zone and Daylight Saving Time (DST).
(2) Azimuth and Altitude results for the planets are now correctly calculated to take into account local Daylight Saving Time (DST) settings.
(3) Selecting No Daylight Saving Time from the Options tab now correctly adjusts all times displayed not to take DST into account.
(4) Last Moon Phase calculation bug fixed in Astronomy tab which previously could cause an incorrect date to be displayed and cause the program to freeze.
(5) The formatting of the 5 day weather forecasts displayed from have been improved and various display anomalies corrected.
(6) Link to Help in Loan Calculator and Mortgage Calculator now active again.
(7) Display anomalies in Loan and Mortgage calculator corrected.
(8) All dead RSS feeds have been replaced by active feeds.
(9) Yahoo! Comic strips have been replaced by GoComics in the On This Day tab.
(10) UK TV listings in the On This Day tab have been changed to Radio Times.
(11) NASA Eclipse web page replaced by Astropixels in the Astronomy tab.
(12) Weather data for user defined locations now displayed correctly when used as the weather provider.
(13) Clicking on the location names with a left or right click of the mouse in the Sundial and Weather tabs will now correctly display weather forecast information from Yahoo! and
(14) Mini Calendar settings now correctly saved to disk in Free mode when Save Settings button used.
(15) Fixed bug which prevented the Calendar tab displaying as the default tab on startup in Free mode.
(16) Bug in Mini Calendar month/year controls fixed to prevent program crash.
(17) is now the default provider of weather data in AD due to latency issues with Yahoo!.
(18) Bug in calculation of Closest Perigee fixed where if closest perigee for given year had already passed, the closest perigee for the upcoming year was incorrectly displayed.
(19) Bug in Restore Locations feature fixed to take into account change in file names of location files from 2016 version of AD.
(20) Bug fixed to speed up calculation of solar eclipses where previously the start date was too far back.
(21) Bug fix to RSS reader which could cause AD to crash if RSS feed was no longer active.
(22) Bug fix to AD installer which during upgrade process could at times not find the necessary upgrade files.
(23) Bug fix to AD to ensure user defined locations take note of WOEID identifiers.
(24) Weather data download function now fixed for Windows XP.
(25) Access to the Julian Calendar function in Windows XP removed.
(26) Link to the Options tab from the Mini tab now works correctly.
(27) The icons on the Daily and Weekly Diary buttons in the Calendar tab are no longer greyed out for years where the function is not available. The function is now made read only.

Anno Domini 2016 Bug Fixes

v1.03 - Build 2, 3rd January 2016
(1) Calculation of the next perihelion/aphelion (when Sun is closest/furthest away from Earth) amended to ensure that the result displayed in the Astronomy tab is indeed the next one. Program crash on startup as a result now fixed.
v1.03 - Build 1, 14th December 2015
(1) Bug fixed when home location is changed. Previously the DST rule for the new location would not update until the next time AD is run.
(2) The altitude scale shown in the Sun tab will now adjust correctly when the height of the Sun/Moon is very high or very low.
(3) Bug removed in Moon tab where sometimes using the flick switch would cause the program to crash.
(4) Flicker eliminated in Sundial tab when current date and time updates.
(5) Flicker eliminated in Planets tab when data updates.
(6) Erroneous location data for Castelldefels in ALL LOCATIONS list corrected.
(7) Background colour to Sun dialog for twilight/daylight areas corrected for locations close to the North/South Pole.
(8) Delay in displaying the Events tab removed.
(9) Infinite loop bug removed at startup if Moon tab needed updating.
(10) Bug removed for Lite users who could sometimes not view calendars after 2010.
(11) Bug removed from the Reports tab where printing a report directly without a preview would sometimes not allow the report to be printed.
(12) Outlook access from the calendar tab removed for post Windows 7 users due to incompatibility with the operating system.
(13) Yahoo! weather forecasting replaced by as Yahoo! no longer provides up to date forecasting.
(14) Bugs removed from various reports which would not print correctly if a Preview not selected first.
(15) The RSS News reader now correctly updates when the Refresh Feed button is clicked.

Anno Domini 2015 Bug Fixes

v1.02 - Build 1, 1st June 2015
(1) A number of errors in the location database have been fixed.
(2) The program will now advise the user when it cannot download the weather for a given location and advise which location requires replacing in the weather tab.
v1.01 - Build 1, 4th May 2015
(1) Incompatibility with Windows XP resolved where support for older versions of Internet Explorer had been removed by third party websites. This would cause registration of Anno Domini with valid details to fail. When downloading support files from the Internet, the program will now no longer be diverted.
(2) AD now correctly determines if access to the Internet is blocked (e.g. via firewall or anti-virus) and will warn the user of this fact when the Diagnose function is used.
(3) Bug fixed which caused Anno Domini to crash when user attempted to uninstall the program.
v1.00 - Build 1, 29th December 2014
(1) Display of yearly moon phases amended to correctly display multiple instances of full and new moons in a given month in the Moon Phases tab.
(2) Anno Domini News feature now correctly checks for new newsletters on each download of weather updates rather than at set times of the day.
(3) Weather tab now correctly displays correct forecast information when no wind speed is measured at a selected location.
(4) The display quality of the Moon image in the Moon tab has been much improved to reduce jagged edges.
(5) Bug removed where shutting down or restarting Windows from the desktop whilst AD was running could cause the Windows system to hang or report an Exception error.
(6) Bug removed where if an RSS Feed was no longer live or working this could cause an Exception error causing AD to shut down.
(7) Anno Domini Taskbar menu now correctly fits displays on vertical resolutions of 768 pixels and above with more items placed on a secondary sub menu.
(8) Accuracy of the astronomical data displayed in the Planets tab improved.
(9) Updating of Anno Domini location data and program updates completely overhauled to allow for seamless updating of the program.
(10) The display of the azimuth and altitude of the Sun and the Moon in the Moon tab is now not shown when the mouse does not hover over the main display area. Clicking on the current date or time in the bottom right hand corner of the Moon tab will display the azimuth and altitude of the Sun and the Moon for the current date and time.
(11) The About tab now displays the build number along with the version number of the Windows operating system in use.
(12) When comparing locations from the Clocks tab, the comparison window will now centre underneath the main window if the horizontal screen resolution is too low.
(13) When selecting World or Home for the Sundial map, the display will now go full screen correctly. Also applies when right clicking the mouse on the Sundial map.
(14) In the Reports tab, the Centre text and Italics button settings for each report are now correctly remembered and stored when the Save Margins button is clicked.
(15) If Show At Startup selected and second instance of Anno Domini run, the main window previously did not display any controls. Now fixed and correctly displays the main window in the centre of the screen.

Anno Domini 2014 Bug Fixes

v1.00 - Build 1, 1st January 2014
(1) Countdown Solar Event can now correctly be enabled/disabled in the Options tab.
(2) Crash prevented if download of weather fails due to server down or slow to respond.
(3) RSS tab now displays tips correctly when mouse hovered over news item.
(4) Bug in planet data corrected where entries could be 1 hour out of accuracy.
(5) Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro correctly reflected on world maps for Sundial functions.
(6) Automatic detection of new updates to Anno Domini in the Help tab now fixed.
(7) Bug fixed when Show At Startup function disabled would previously display a blank form on the desktop.

(8) Daylight Saving Time has been amended for the following locations: Tripoli-Libya, Jerusalem-Israel, Tel Aviv-Israel, Casablanca-Morocco, Marrakech-Morocco and Rabat-Morocco.
(9) Date now displayed on each entry of the 5-day weather forecast function (Professional Edition only).

Anno Domini 2013 Bug Fixes

v1.02 - Build 1, 14th July 2013
(1) Further changes made to the 5-day weather forecast routines to prevent out of memory errors.
v1.01 - Build 1, 3rd June 2013
(1) 5-day weather forecast data provider has been changed to prevent occurrence of access violations which caused Anno Domini to crash.
(2) A number of Daylight Saving Time rules have been amended for 2013 including Amman - Jordan, Suva - Fiji and Asuncion - Paraguay.
v1.00 - Build 1, 5th November 2012
(1) Anno Domini now detects when Internet access is unavailable and prevents the program from hanging due to Internet failure.
(2) The RSS feeds and Anno Domini News features now always download directly from the Internet rather than occasionally use a local copy.
(3) Latest Updates feature in the Help tab now working correctly.
(4) The Sundial tab now displays correctly when enlarged if selected as the startup tab.
(5) Uninstall functionality of Anno Domini amended to support removal of any installed version of Anno Domini.

Anno Domini 2012 Bug Fixes

v1.00 - Build 1, 15th January 2012
(1) Hovering on an RSS Feed now correctly displays further information on that story.
(2) Numerous corrections to the formatting of the display of the 5 day weather forecasts.
(3) Print Preview now displays correctly in Windows 7.

Anno Domini 2011 Bug Fixes

v1.00 - Build 1, 4th January 2011
(1) Corrections made to the display of the Sundial when viewed in full-screen mode.
(2) Correction made to the display of the home location in the Sundial when differing locations selected but not chosen from the database.
(3) Corrections made to the display of the Time Zone map in the Locations tab.
(4) Correction made to the display of the Print Preview of the currently selected Report.
(5) Correction made to display of Ticker in Calendar tab to prevent text spilling over one line.
(6) Corrections made to the formatting of the display of the 5 day Weather Forecasts.
(7) Correction made to the display of the naming of Pluto in the Planets tab.
(8) Correction made to the display of the Desktop Clocks in Windows 7.
(9) Various memory leaks have been removed.
(10) Bug removed preventing selection of a user-defined location to interrogate current weather forecast.
(11) Bug removed which prevented the Weekly Diary being available for years between 2011 and 2020.
(12) Bug removed which prevented diary entries being printed for years between 2010 and 2020.

Anno Domini 2010 Bug Fixes

v1.01 - Build 1, 17th May 2010
1) Colour scheme for forms amended to display correctly in XP/Vista/7.
2) Coloured background added to the On This Day information screen.
3) The spacing of the desktop clocks has been amended.
4) Crash bug fixed where if the Internet connection was lost the program could hang.
5) Main window will now centre on screen when the Weather tab is selected.
6) The time format of DST Begins/Ends displayed in the Location tab amended.
7) The RSS Feeds have been amended to ensure all are active.

Anno Domini 2009 Bug Fixes

v1.00 - Build 1, 1st December 2008
No bugs fixed in this version.

Anno Domini 2008 Bug Fixes

v1.01 - Build 1, 1st July 2008
(1) A bug in the Currency Converter has been removed allowing currency conversion rates to be downloaded daily again.
v1.00 - Build 1, 20th January 2008
(1) Bug removed from Diary system where incorrectly saved diary entries could be shown for the year 2004 or 2008;
(2) Bug removed in calculation of the angle of tilt of the Moon for southern hemisphere locations.

Anno Domini 2007 Bug Fixes


v1.03 - Build 1, 1st October 2007
(1) Daylight Saving Time Rules changed for many locations to bring Anno Domini into line with the latest 2007 definitions.


v1.02 - Build 1, 20th February 2007
(1) The in-built help is now accessible in Windows Vista;
(2) The Sundial is now correctly displayed on widescreen (1440 x 900) displays when the full-screen option is used;
(3) Clock Comparisons are now correctly displayed on widescreen (1440 x 900) displays;
(4) Corrections made to the following locations: Athens, Thessalonika, Tblisi and Amman;
(5) Corrections made to Daylight Saving Time for locations in Brazil, Iceland, Egypt, Iran, New Zealand, Israel, Mexico and Uruguay;
(6) Correction made to spelling of Newfoundland Time in time zone list.
v1.01 - Build 1, 30th January 2007
(1) Bug removed preventing installation of Anno Domini with Windows Vista;
(2) During removal of Anno Domini, users now have choice to remove the program immediately via a reboot or to remove Anno Domini when the PC is next rebooted;
(3) Bug removed during installation which previously could cause installation to continue before the necessary program fonts have been installed;
(4) README.DOC file replaced with README.RTF for better compatibility;
(5) Changes made to allow access to Solitaire, FreeCell, Backup, Restore and Sound Volume in Windows Vista.