Anno Domini 2005

Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2005
Shareware Calendar for IBM PC + Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE or 98
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Anno Domini 2005 Bug Fixes

v1.05 - Build 1, 4th July 2005
(1) Deactivate AutoRun CD function disabled in Windows ME to avoid incompatibility problems;
(2) 3 Month + View Calendar Report corrected to ensure that correct colours displayed in calendar text;
(3) Incompatibility problems with the Diagnostics function in Windows ME resolved;
(4) Rule for Orangemens Day event corrected;
(5) Margins for the 24 Month Calendar Report now correctly memorized;
(6) Spelling of Worcester in the UK location database corrected;
(7) Spacing of the text displayed in the Moon Phases tab corrected;
(8) Save/Restore Desktop Icon Positions option in menu no longer disappears when switching to a resolution of 800x600 or less;
(9) Screen corruption fixed in the Loan and Mortgage Calculator dialogs;
(10) Position of the desktop clocks now automatically corrected when screen resolution changed;
v1.04 - Build 1, 14th February 2005
(1) Daylight Saving Time (DST) bug removed where times would be one hour out when DST was inactive.
(2) When in 24 hour clock mode, selecting the prism in the Sundial tab would only show the selected time in am/pm format. This has now been corrected.
(3) The Sundial presets for Europe, USA etc are now displayed correctly when the Large Sundial option is used to display the Sundial in either 800x600 or 1024x768 screen resolutions.
(4) When the Indian or Atlantic Ocean Sundial presets were used in large screen mode, on returning to normal window size the displayed Sundial would not be correct. Now fixed.
(5) Kansas City USA location corrected in database
(6) Bug removed when adding a contact which caused the Edit Contact button to have the wrong label;
(7) Bugs removed from various reports when Sunday set as the starting day of the week. 
v1.03 - Build 2, 2nd February 2005
(1) Bug removed where selecting a place in the Location tab would previously affect the home location displayed in the Sundial;
(2)  The BBC On This Day web page now correctly appears for dates within the first 10 days of the month;
v1.03 - Build 1, 23rd January 2005
(1) Fixed bug where changing to a home location with a different time zone did not previously update the Moon Phase dates and times;
(2) Fixed bug where some entries in the AutoRun window were previously not being displayed, including Startup folder entries;
(3) All application icons are now displayed in the AutoRun window;
(4) Fixed bug in the Clock Comparisons dialog where if the dialog was visible during an hour change, the window would not be updated correctly;
(5) Corrected name of South Africa in the World Map database;
(6) Time zone for Hong Kong corrected from +10.00 to +08.00;
v1.02 - Build 2, 25th December 2004
(1) Fixed bug in the Events window where selecting a one-off event would cause the program to crash;
(2) Fixed bug where after selecting any date in the Events window followed by changing the calendar month would previously cause the wrong calendar month to be displayed;
(3) Fixed bug in the Location tab where selecting but not using a memorised location would affect the home location displayed in the Sundial view;
(4) Various errors in the UK and European location databases corrected including placing all Eire entries under Europe instead of UK.
v1.02 - Build 1, 10th December 2004
(1) Fixed bug in display of Windows uptime in the About dialog when the uptime was greater than a day;
(2) Fixed bug in printed Diary and Planner reports on Windows 98/ME systems which previously would show diary and planner text in solid black;
(3) Fixed layout of all new Plus! reports to fit correctly on the page in 300dpi mode;
(4) Bug fixed ensuring automated backups work correctly during the Update procedure in 98/ME systems;
(5) Fixed bug when selecting new locations which would previously alter the home location displayed on the Sundial;
(6) Fixed bugs in restoring locations and event schemes via the Backups button in the Help tab;
(7) Anno Domini menu shortened to fit 800x600 screen resolutions and 98/ME systems;
(8) Bug fixed where program will now warn you instead of crashing if you try to restore desktop icon positions for a screen resolution if you have previously not stored the icon positions first (Plus! Pack only);
(9) All features of the AutoRun facility now available after bug concerning registry entries with quotation marks fixed (Plus! Pack only);
(10) Loan Calculator and Mortgage Calculator windows now correctly appear on top of the main Anno Domini window;
v1.01 - Build 1, 11th September 2004
(1) Diary entries are now saved instead of the Help window appearing;
(2) Disable Sundial function in Preferences now operative;
(3) Always On Top function in Preferences now operative;
(4) Use Large Sundial in Preferences now operative;
(5) Corrected text height when using the Sundial predictor;
(6) UK locations database has been corrected;
(7) During updates, the update files are now deleted after use;
(8) GIS data for the Sundial has been corrected;
(9) When Always On Top selected, all message boxes now appear above the main calendar window;
(10) Font list pickers in the Preferences and Reports tabs now no longer autoscroll.
v1.00 - Build 1, 1st September 2004
(1) First release of Anno Domini 2005.